Peter Thiel, Entrepreneur

What important truth do very

few people agree with you on?

Sports and money can be mixed

in socially beneficial ways.

(see below)

Sports Investing Venn Diagram

MYTH:   Sports + Money = Sports Gambling


It is understandable why people automatically think of sports gambling when they see the words sports and money together. That's all that anybody has ever known. It's a deep-seated assumption, but as assumption nonetheless. 


We have never done well with assumptions.


Ultimately, people just like their sports with some money on the side. They don't want sports gambling. There is a better way:


Sports Investing

The World's First Sports Stock Market ®

*  Rejects the age-old belief that sports and money always equals gambling

*  Is on a mission to make sports an asset class

*  Incorporates the missing ingredient  -  PURPOSE

*  Amplifies global f an engagement through sports investing

*  Delivers multiple socioeconomic benefits to fans, leagues & governments

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