“Do you want people at football and basketball games rooting for the spread or rooting for their favorite team?”


– Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner


We get it. You guys like speculating on sports with your money. We are not here to suppress natural desires. That doesn’t work.  However, using that fact to justify sports gambling is too easy. Too short-term. Too dangerous.

There is a better way: a sports stock market. AllSportsMarket



Let Fans Be Fans

Sports gambling creates an eternal conflict for you. You cheer against your own team because you want the other team to cover the spread.

Or you are cheering on the wide receiver on the other team because he is on your fantasy team.

Whatever happened to cheer for your favorite team, and nothing else. Even if money is involved. With AllSportsMarket, you finally can.


Preserve Integrity

Do you want to watch athletes giving everything they’ve got to the game? Or do you want to constantly question whether or not “the fix is in”.

Sports is pure. Let’s keep it that way.

Protect Your Hard-earned Money

DFS much? We’d like to hear from you what happened to your “entry fees”. Lost it all?

On ASM, your investment may go up or down, but not away. Check it out.

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