“Gambling on amateur and professional sports threatens the integrity of those sports and is at odds with the principle that the outcomes of collegiate and professional athletic contests must be determined, and must be perceived by the public as being determined, solely on the basis of honest athletic competition.”


We understand the problem. The leagues have two goals that directly conflict with each other: monetizing the desire to speculate on sports outcomes and protecting the integrity of sports

Here is the truth:

Sports betting and daily fantasy sports will NEVER accomplish this dual goal.  Luckily, there is a better way. The solution is a sports stock market. AllSportsMarket

Sharing is Caring

For any sports markets we bring to life, we will give away 50% of the revenues to the leagues. It is the right thing to do.

Protect Integrity of Sports

Do we want the fans to watch athletes giving everything they’ve got to the game? Or do we want them to constantly question whether or not “the fix is in”.  Sports is pure. Let’s keep it that way.

Capital Formation

Leagues can raise capital just like companies going public

Fan Engagement

Sports gambling does not engage fans for the right reasons. It creates to eternal fan conflict. It destroys fan loyalty.  League drafts? Lottery picks? Player trades? Off-season moves? Our sports stock market concept creates fan engagement anytime and not just during the game.